Presenting The Engineering Office Pekka Poijärvi

Pekka Poijärvi Engineering
Eteläpuisto 20 Apt 20, Pori, Finland.

As principal at Pekka Poijärvi Engineering (18+ years), I have dealt primarily with the CAD planning of buildings, building surveys, building thermography and IT consulting. My degree is in building engineering and M. Sc. (tech) Diploma.

I have planned numerous apartment houses and renovations, single family homes (as well as additions), cottages, garages and large agricultural buildings.

I am also adept at estimating construction prices. Other measurement tools are available.

Hardware in my office consists of desktops, laptops, printers, scanners, tablets and smart phones. The software I use is autocad lt+ark pro, pupax, issu, flir-tools, quick report and dof-lämpö 2.2.

I welcome both new and former clients to work with me to achieve your building needs or if needed such computerhelp.

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